Organic sweets and gumdrops

A line of tasty sweets based on Italian Organic Propolis, for a viable, healthier alternative to traditional sweets and gums. Enjoy the intense flavour of juicy natural ingredients, famed for their health benefits - such as blueberry, good for sight and circulation; honey the soother; mint and eucalyptus with their balsamic properties; lemon sage, for digestion.

Confection: 31gr.

Only natural flavourings, cane sugar and Italian propolis. 31 gr packs - available in 6 flavors:

Organic sweets - honey


Organic sweets - Lemon and Sage

Lemon and Sage

Organic sweets - Blueberry


Organic sweets - Mint


Gum drops - Mint and Eucalyptus

Mint and Eucalyptus

Gum drops - Licorice


Our Values

Organic Propolis
Healthy products
For all ages
100% natural ingradients
Gluten free
Made in Italy

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