Delicious by nature

The best organic Italian almonds together with golden honey to give two extra delicious treats. two extra soft nougats a classic recipe and a dark chocolate coated version, in small wraps to fill your cravings without feeling guilty.

Pocket Honey

Praline Pocket Honey BIO

Confection: 20gr.

Delicious praline chocolates filled with wild flower honey. Available in two flavours:

  • milk chocolate with wild flower honey
  • dark chocolate with chestnut flower honey
Organic Soft Nougat, The Treasures from the beehive

Organic Soft Nougat

Almond and honey soft nougat available in two different versions: classic or chocolate coated.

All organic ingredients and gluten free guaranteed.

Peso: 100 gr.

Torroncini Morbidi Biologici

Organic Mini Nougat

Soft nougats available in two different flavours: classic or covered with dark chocolate to satisfy your cravings for sweets at any time of the day.

Peso: 25 gr.

Organic chocolate coated hazelnuts, The Treasures from the beehive

Organic Chocolate coated Hazelnuts

Two delicious snacks containing Organic Piedmont hazelnut (Tonda Gentile Trilobata) covered with milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Confection: 100 gr.

Coated hazelnute

Coated organic hazelnuts

A new recipe - famed Piedmont hazelnuts with honey and covered in dark or milk chocolate. Also available in pocket-size to carry around with you and enjoy the delicious flavours of chocolate and honey at any time of day.

Confection: 25 gr.

Honey dipped hazelnuts, The Treasures from the beehive

Organic Honey dipped Hazelnuts

Organic Piedmont Hazelnuts with a persistent flavour, dipped in fine organic acacia honey. For experts!

Quantità: 225 gr.

Organic Acacia Honey and cocoa Hazelnut spread, The Treasures from the beehive

Organic Honey and Hazelnut Spreads

A selection of two honey and Hazelnut creams: with Organic Acacia Honey, Organic Piedmont Hazelnuts (Tonda Gentile Trilobata) and Cocoa. Delicious at breakfast and as a quick healthy snack.

Quantità: 225 gr.

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Organic Propolis
Organic Propolis
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For all ages
100% natural ingredients
100% natural ingredients
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Made in Italy

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