Our brands

Kontak™ are an Italian family-run business specializing in products based on propolis and other natural beehive products grouped under the following brands:

Propolair Logo - propolis diffusers

PROPOLAIR is a line of propolis diffusers, capable of releasing the volatile section of propolis in any room at any moment.

PropolIT - a complete line of bio propolis supplements and extracts

PROPOLIT is a line of organic Italian propolis extracts and dietary supplements! Boasting sprays, syrups and extracts, PropolIT offers a complete and effective solution, ideal for both adults and kids, thanks to our alcohol free products especially formulated with children in mind.

Only the best propolis becomes PropolIT:

  • more active on microbes
  • a finer aroma
  • more tollerable
  • less allergenic
  • 100% Italian propolis
PropolIT Confectionery - una linea di caramelle e chewing gum a base di propoli

>PROPOLIT CONFECTIONERY Propolit Confectionery is a line of "no junk" sweets and sugar free chewing gums based on propolis and natural sweeteners such as stevia. PropolIt Confectionery offers a healthier, viable alternative to traditional gums and sweets - for happier gums and teeth.

I tesori dell'alveare - Logo

I TESORI DELL'ALVEARE is a line of health foods created from the best products of the beehive collected from small independent Italian producers. Includes honey, creams, honeycomb, pollen and royal jelly.

Our Values

Organic Propolis
Healthy products
For all ages
100% natural ingradients
Gluten free
Made in Italy

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