Our ingredients

For our products we use only use high quality, certified organic ingredients that have been locally sourced in Italy.

Organic propolis 100% locally sourced in italy

Italian organic propolis

Only the best locally sourced organic propolis makes it into kontak products:

  • More active microbes
  • Better aroma
  • More tolerable
  • Less allergenic
  • Safer and healthier as it is 100% produced in Italy under strict conditions.

Discover the amazing health benefits of propolis.

Italian Organic Honey

Honey has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries, and prized for its detoxifying, purifying and protective properties. We use 3 types of organic honey sourced locally from selected producers.

Italian organic honey
Italian Pollen

Organic Italian Pollen

Rich in proteins, enzymes and trace elements, Kontak organic pollen is an excellent dietary supplement per people of all ages.

  • Stimulates growth in children, helps with anemia and has a calming properties.
  • In adults, pollen is revitalizing, a gastric stimulant, encourages the appetite, and helps combat periods of tiredness.
  • In elderly people, pollen is useful as it can help regulate the bodily processes.

Organic Piedmont Hazelnuts

Hazelnut is an ancient plant that was used by the Romans and Greeks for its therapeutic properties. The chemical composition of hazelnut oil is very similar to that of extra virgin olive oil.

Hazelnuts are high in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, capable of slowing down cellular aging and fight against free radicals.

They are also packed with energy and a good source of minerals: for this reason they are often recommended for highly active or sporty people, and those suffering from physical and/or mental fatigue.

Organic Piedmont Hazelnuts
Stevia leaves - used as a sugar substitute in our chewing gum

Stevia Rebaudiana (sweet leaf)

Stevia (more commonly known as sweet leaf or sugar leaf) is small green plant similar to mint in appearance, that is used as a zero calorie, zero fat, 100% natural sweetener. 500 times sweeter, stevia is an excellent alternative to sugar, and used in our sugar free chewing gum):

  • 100% natural
  • Zero calories
  • Zero saturated fat
  • Zero cholesterol
  • No aspartame
  • No effect on blood glucose

Our Values

Organic Propolis
Organic Propolis
For all ages
For all ages
100% natural ingredients
100% natural ingredients
Made in Italy
Made in Italy

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