WOODEN models

Kontak have designed these elegant Propolair wooden diffusers for those passionate about style, interior design and natural materials. They come in three different shades: natural, cherry and wengé; and three different models: basic, with ionizer, with ionizer and fan. All wooden models release the full benefits propolis into your room, and have the same operating characteristics and effectiveness of our basic diffusers.

Propolair Wooden Diffuser natural shade Diffusore propoli Propolair in legno Propolair Wooden Diffuser wengè shade

Basic Wooden Diffuser

Model: L1

The wooden diffusers are a genuine Italian design and fit well in an elegant setting such as offices, waiting rooms, shops and public spaces. They shares the same working process and efficacy as the basic diffusers.They selectively and entirely diffuse the volatile fraction of propolis.

They take the very best organic Italian propolis and slowly release its components gradually and consistently into the air throughout the capsule duration.

The diffusers warm up the propolis contained in the capsules, initially reaching wax fraction fusion and, subsequently, regulating the temperature in order to free the volatile fraction. The alternation between these two temperatures allows the release of all volatile substances within the propolis.

Wooden Diffuser with ionizer

Model: L2

This ionizer model draws out the beneficial disinfectant and sanitizing properties of propolis. Through ionization, propolis particles entering the air are subject to a negative electrical charge which in turn attracts positively charged volatile airborne particles, such as bacteria, mould spores, viruses and fungi, which are subsequently treated with the antiseptic and antibiotic properties of propolis. These unwanted micro-organisms are consequently inhibited and cannot develop further. Negatively charged propolis molecules can also attract other airborne particles such as smoke and dust which, when trapped, fall to the ground. In this way, biological and chemical pollutants and toxic agents are removed from the air. Our respiratory system can therefore fully benefit from the purer air produced by the properties of propolis.

Wooden Diffuser with ionizer and fan

Model: L3

The wooden model L3 is equipped with a fan, which serves to double the performance range of the diffuser, sending the propolis twice the distance around your room - up to an area of 60 m².

Light sleeper? We suggest daytime use, as the light noise from the fan may disturb your sleep during the night.

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